Equipment Supply

Our Equipment Rental is one of the largest established companies in the kingdom. The growth of the construction companies across the markets which we serve has seen our equipment rental in some of the region's most ambitious construction projects happening here in the kingdom. To this sector we operate as suppliar of top quality, serving many of the best known names in the construction industry.

We Serve:
1. Mobile cranes starting from 25 Tons to 450 Tones capacity
2. Crawler cranes starting from 50 Tons to 300 Tons capacity
3.Trailers and Low bed Trailers starting from 12 meters to 20 meter
flatbed trailers and lowbed trailers.
5. Loader
6. Backhoe
7. Backhoe with Loader
8. Water Tanker
9. Diesel Tanker
10. Drum Truck
11. Boom Truck
12. Bob Cat
13. Road Roller
14. Air Compressor
15. Generator ,Welding Machine etc.

Manpower Supply

Our pioneering management team incessantly delivering services in the areas by giving the best qualified and skilled Human resources to meet every client's needs rather at the same deployed engineers is given the proper guidence and moral support in thier place of works. We are specialized in all kinds of civil, mechanical and electrical works.

Areas Served:
1.Civil Engineering
2.HVAC Engineers
3.IT Administrators
5.Light Drivers
6.Heavy Drivers
7.Pipe Fitters
8.Riggers(Level I, II , III)
9. Mech. Elect. and Inst Technicians
10.Welders(Tig,Arc for pipe,tank Vessel etc)
11. Fabricators(Pipe, Tank ,Structural etc)
12.Office clerks
13.Office Sercreteries
14.Office Administrators
15.Janitorial services
16.Safety Officers
17.Saftey Coordinators
18.cost controllers etc.

Material Supply

We supply comprehensive range of materials for industries, constructions and domestic purposes. The material we supply are of best quality and meets the industry standards.


1.CS - High&Low temp.
2.CS - Welded,
3.CS - Smls
4.SS - Pipes

Plates and Bars

1.Plates sheets and foils
2.Angle bar
3.Beams I, U and H

Flanges and Fittings

1.CS - High&Low temp.
2.Stainless steel


1.CS - Hex bolt/Double nut
2.Stud bolt , washer
3.Anchor bolts
4.Chemical bolts


1.Metallic and non metallic
2.Spiral wound
3.Ring type


1.CS - Forged
2.CS - Casting,

Tools and Hardware

1.Hand tools, Power tools
2.Abrasive and Cutting tools
3.Pneumatic systems
4.Hydraulic systems


1.Conduits and fittings
2.Plugs and socketssss
3.Safety switches etc