[In the name of God, the most Merciful, Most beneficent]

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Message from our Chairman

Our Valuable Clients,

We BlackStone Pvt Ltd are please to give thanks and heartfelt wishes to all our friends for best business executions and engagements project by project with their full cooperation all the times. We gained high experience that made us feel qualified to participate and do perfectly all responsibilities and the hard work assigned to BlackStone Pvt Ltd. We are happy that were selected most of the times that we as a co. or staff wise technically showed professionalism and flexibility in all manners. What others felt about our equipment and technical team was that the rust and Co-operation. They showed when executing their Works. Our motto is to achieve reputation by doing excellent job and prove satisfaction to our beloved customers. We carefully do the engagements and undertaking always. We give priority to our obligations and satisfying our clients all the time. Finally we want to prove to every client that in principle our work is based on team work. I personally, the owner and chairman of BlackStone Pvt Ltd. For general contracting can proof through my experience in the field of with Manpower supply and Rental Equipment supply, Civil Works, Mechanical Work, Electrical Works & Trading, within the main contractors public and private sector projects. We do better any project in the future to its standard if necessary more than the requirement of our future clients. Because our previous records in longer period with construction field will translate to others who when it comes execution shows transparency, flexibility and trustworthiness based on give and take policies. Let me pray for more success in the future by saying, best wishes for all and forward forever.

Thank you, Mohammed Sulthan Ahmed Sharieff

Our Vision

To be the vital partner of our clients industrial projects serving the needs of our customers and joint-venture institutions mainly in industrial sectors.

Our Mission

To meet the requirements of our customers and serve them at the best level with quality and safety, at the same time providing our staffs and employees a better working environment and welfare.

Our Values

Excellence, responsibilit and commitment, Continual improvement, Create a working environment that encourages trust and reliability in all aspects of Innovations.

Our Goals

Meet excellent quality, safety and reliability which enable satisfaction to all clients and working on continual improvement services we deliver.